For those of you who are like me, you may not have kept up with the latest changes at the post office.  I just today shipped a pair of microbead breast forms to someone in Canada, where it's usually hardly any higher than shipping within the United States, and the price for First Class Mail International had jumped to more than THREE TIMES the price it was only a few weeks ago when I'd shipped a pair!!  Since I barely make expenses as it is to make the forms and ship them (the price on my 'Items for Sale' page includes postage and packaging costs as well as the price of the materials, and the cost of taking them to the post office), there's no way I can continue to ship to Canada as I've done in the past.

I've been looking up the new costs to mail these very light forms in the lightest safe packaging available, and now the extra cost ranges from almost $9.00 for postage to Canada for the largest size pair mailed by the cheapest method, to almost $13.00 for the same sent to Europe.  If sent Priority Mail International, the price was even more horrific, around $24 for the smallest flat rate package!  OBVIOUSLY, I can't absorb these new prices, so for anyone OUTSIDE the United States who wants a pair now, I will have to charge significantly more, especially since I'll have to drive to the post office to ship. 

For those of you who live within the United States, the postage has gone up for here as well, but for right now, I'll continue to absorb those costs myself when making and shipping the microbead forms to people.  The price may have to go up very soon, because when I buy supplies again, I'll be paying a much higher price myself.

I do apologize for the, but I'm like the rest of you, have to just take whatever the post office throws at us and move on.  This latest huge jump is just crazy, I can't even BEGIN to make any sense of it!  Thanks for understanding.