Do you still have to have blood tests done every 3 months?  You know how it is then, you feel as if you live in 90 day increments, and don't really worry about it much until the next tests.  For this past year, a cancer antigen test's numbers had been going up slowly and I'd ignored it until it went upward more drastically a few times.  That got my attention, especially when the oncologist changed to testing every 30 days to keep a closer eye on it. 

Around that time, I got serious about making myself a bit healthier.  You name it...I ground flax seed into my morning oatmeal, increased some of the relevant vitamins and minerals, realized that (just before my numbers had headed up) I'd dropped taking fish oil so that was returned to the daily pill box... then read a few more books on fighting cancer.   (I highly recommend "The Pink Ribbon Book for Weight Loss" mostly because of the foods being great cancer fighters as well as delicious.)  Extra-Virgin Olive Oil became my friend again, because of all the good things it does for us to improve health. 

Since I knew no one usually eats enough cancer-fighting veggies like broccoli to do much good, sprouting organic broccoli seeds along with alfalfa seeds and eating them in sandwiches and salads worked better for me.  Sprouts generally have something like 30 times more nutrition than full grown plants, and they don't produce intestinal gas like the grown plants do, so look into sprouting websites if you're interested.  It's as easy as can be, requires nothing more than a quart jar or two, some water, and a bag of organic seeds from the health food store.  For under $5, you can make WEEKS worth of sprouts, can't get much cheaper than that.  :^)  Only a couple tablespoonfuls of seeds make a QUART of sprouts.   To test out sprouting, I'd first gotten a $1 bag of simple dried lentils at the grocery and sprouted was love at first bite!  1/2 cup of them makes a quart or more of yummy sprouts.

I also started using raw apple cider vinegar this month...and no, it's not the same thing as the processed stuff at the grocery store.  Not even close.  Go to a health food store and get the 'live' raw vinegar if you want to try it, and look it up online to find more about it.  I don't want to lead anyone astray with anything that could be unhealthy for them at their particular stage of life, just am mentioning a little about several of the things I tried in order to give myself a little 'edge' toward a better ability to fight off cancer recurrence.

The most important healing thing for me is prayer, so I also asked for it from many sources, and daily put everything I did into God's hands.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, I won't get into that.  Just....for me... it's important, most important.  I generally have a positive attitude about most things and have always felt that if you are confident of a higher power in your life, it's pretty hard to have a negative attitude or stay depressed for very long, no matter what's going on in your life.  I'm not 'Suzie Sunshine', I have sad times like everyone else, and times when I'm hurting, but I've always found something positive that comes out of it, so it's easier to handle. 

I do have a hard time being around truly negative hate-filled people.  They will, quite simply, drain your joy.  There are people I've had to stay away from simply because after talking to them awhile, it'd cause me to feel hopeless and depressed for days.  I've heard people like that being described as being 'energy vampires' because they just suck the energy out of you.  That's a pretty good description.

Being around good-hearted, kind, fun, loving, positive people, can uplift my mood and health for days, so you can imagine which kind I suggest you try to surround yourself with whenever possible.  Some may say, "Well, if you're Christian, you have to put up with EVERYBODY."  Ahem...Christian does not equal 'doormat'.  Help those who need you that you can actually help, but put some distance between you & those that you KNOW from experience will hurt you 100% of the time, because that situation generally will not change.

Back to the test results.  After the first healthy changes were made, my test results had shown things went a few points down, which was encouraging.  The next month, it rose a little again, so I added a few more month, it dropped considerably.  So, now I'm happily back to the old method of testing every 3 months.  The oncologist seems to think things have settled down.

So, now I'm wondering, how many others go through this roller coaster?  How many of you look for healthy ways to put the blood test results back in your favor?  We all know that exercise and a healthy diet is vitally important to keeping the human body functioning at it's best, but do you have specific ideas you'd like to suggest to others or discuss?  It doesn't matter how silly you think it is, I've told you all the potentially silly things I've tried that you may laugh about, so fair is fair.  Let's hear about yours!  I'm listening... and I won't laugh.  :^)  (By the way, a big 'THANK YOU' to my website readers who sent good wishes and prayers when we connected by email during this past few months, I appreciate you so much!)