Well, I can...it's HOT already in our area!  We've already been mowing for a long while and our central air has been on for a couple of months.  Since it's still mostly me that does the lawn care at our house, I've not had a lot of time to update the website.  I do process orders and answer emails daily, just haven't added anything new to the site for awhile. 

Today, I wanted to tell you some of what I've been doing in the sewing room when there's free time.  :^)  Are you ready?  I have FINALLY invested in a new sewing machine that also embroiders!  If any of you are looking for an embroidery machine and can't spend thousands of dollars for one, have a look at the Brother SE400.  For something over $300, depending on when you look at it on Amazon, you can get a great sewing machine that will embroider just about anything you'd want.

Yeah, you know me...I'm always on a budget, and already have several old 'tried and true' sewing machines, all mechanical types, not computerized.  Until now, I just couldn't justify the expenditure.  However, when you sew a lot and are always having to stop to adjust something or repair something, there just comes a time.  Plus, I've had a few ideas for new mastectomy items that couldn't be done as well on my old machines, an embroidery machine was needed.

My readers here are often on a budget, too, so I wanted to let you know that this is a GREAT machine!  It truly does work better than I thought it would, and it lets me pre-set the stitches that I use so often for the microbead mastectomy forms.  With one click, my settings are back for next time, no time-consuming experimenting and guesswork, no looking up my notes for settings (I seem to misplace them every time the sewing room is cleaned).  It also lets you download free embroidery designs from the internet, so of course I'm looking for designs every time I sit down at the computer, it's addictive, lol...

While I still think the older mechanical sewing machines are very durable, if you don't already have a great machine or if you're a sewing newbie who wants something that you don't have to stop and readjust or repair every so often, have a look at the Brother SE400.  It's the most affordable embroidery machine I've ever seen, and since it sews AND embroiders, wow... 

After having put off buying it for ages, hubby encouraged me to go ahead and just GET THE THING!  :^)  We'd just had a yard sale where I'd sold off a lot of old excess sewing books, fabric, and even a couple of my less-needed sewing machines, all so I could put the money back into keeping the internet and this website going without harming our monthly budget. 

Like most of you, our budget is always going to be very tight from month to month, so it was a sort of 'now or never' decision, and so far I don't regret it.  After all, being in my sewing room is about as close to a 'vacation' as I can afford anymore since having breast cancer wiped us out.  I really, really, really love to be in there playing!  The older stuff I sold, didn't give me as much joy as this new machine that replaced it, so it was a great exchange!  If any of you are leery of getting into sewing because of the cost, think about how many things you have cluttering up your life that could be exchanged for what you would rather have, it's amazing how much we all accumulate, isn't it?