Hello, website visitors!  Some of you may notice I've not posted to the blog in awhile.  Well, there's a story there!  First, back in June, my dear hubby had a heart attack, had stents, recovered quickly, and life thankfully moved on UNTIL.... he later had two total knee replacements, one at a time, with six weeks between them.  You have not LIVED until you've been a 24/7 nurse/wife to a large man learning to use a new knee... or two. 

At the time, it took over almost every moment of my time awake, which...by the way...was pretty much 24 hours a day because I don't think the man ever slept for more than an hour before he needed something, so I never really had a chance to GO to sleep before he woke up again... for days at a time. 

However, he had amazing results!  He can now WALK again after being on a walker,canes, and wheelchair, for many, many months... actually, on canes and crutches for a few years.  THANK GOD!  (Truly, God brought us both through it, so I thank Him daily.)  It's amazing how well hubby walks already, and I'd highly recommend total knee replacement to anyone needing it.  You can go from being pushed in a wheelchair to walking your dog on your own in just weeks.  (I've figured it up, hubby owes me 3,650 dog walks before I start taking my turn again.)

Would I do it again, knowing he'd get the same great results?  YES!  Would I do it again for anyone ELSE other than the nifty man I'm married to?  Not...A...Chance...in...*&#$%!  (Please forgive the 'language' dears, but...well... if I had to go through it again, I'd probably even start drinking.  Really.)

During the past few months, I've kept up somehow with making microbead breast forms for those of you who don't happen to sew (the forms listed on the 'Items for Sale' page) and actually generally got them made and mailed within 24 to 48 hours.  :^)  Had to do it with an intercom enabled phone and make constant trips from the sewing room to hubby's bedside when he called, but GOT IT DONE!  (And loved doing it, actually!)  However, just couldn't seem to get things added to the blog because my train of thought keeps jumping the track if I'm interrupted frequently.

That changes now, people!  My dearest hubby....who happens to again be my TALL hubby (you get your height back when they install new knees, did you know that??)... is HELPING around the house somewhat and I have the most wonderful luxury in the world, a little time at the computer to THINK.  :^)  I'll be doing my best to visit the site more, add to the blog, and complete some more patterns for you to try out.  I'm even thinking of a complete site overhaul.  Visit often, write me when you can, and sew, sew, sew!   Yeah, OK, I know it...I'm deliriously happy and even happier that now I can sew more again.  :^)