About a week ago, I had a really bad fall while going into a pharmacy.  As you can imagine, I haven't felt just the best since then, so I've not updated the story about my frustration with the new bra and forms, but I will in just a moment.  To first answer your question about the 'trip', lol... because that's what everyone asks...I'm fine, ended up alright.  I fell forward, eyeglasses came halfway off and twisted upward before my face arrived at the concrete, so a screw cover tore the skin under my eye and the lower lens gave me a purple under-eye, plus I also had scratched up wrist/palms, a bloody knee, bruised lower ribs, etc...  On the good side, I was wearing my microbead forms instead of silicone which would have surely burst open on contact with the sharply uneven rocky concrete, and the microbead ones not only survived but broke my fall just enough to keep my ribs intact, plus my nose didn't hit the concrete.  Yay!

If my glasses hadn't flown off, I'd have been fine.  As it is, my new eyeglasses are bent to smithereens and the left lens scratched deeply, but that's only a material thing.  Didn't lose an eye, only will have a few small scars for awhile.  The doc just cleaned me up and put band-aids loosely over everything, so I kept bleeding every time I'd move, for about the next 6 hours until I took everything off, pulled together the loose flaps of skin, dabbed on antibiotic ointment, and taped over the flaps snugly with paper surgical tape.  It worked fine, the skin joined and grew back quickly then.  Knowing patternmaking was a boon, as I cut darts into the paper tape and shaped it over my rounded swollen cheek and around my knee, or else I'm pretty sure I'd have healed looking like Frankenstein.  Moral to that story?  Most of the time, it's better to just do it yourself, once you're sure you haven't broken anything, sigh....

And now for the rest of the story on the new bra and silicone forms.  Good news!  Fixed!  First, I looked over every website bra size calculator out there and got a different size bra every time, so I certainly don't blame my mastectomy fitter for giving me the wrong size bra the first trip, it probably SHOULD have been the right size for the large size 12 forms.  But, that's the bra that stretched, expanded, and drooped, after wearing for several hours.  After another trip to the fitter, we tried to get something small enough to hold the forms in a more structured way, and ended up with a size 40 band, and a D cup, instead of a 44 band with a D cup, which surprised us both by working perfectly.  Might be half an inch too tight, but any larger size was too large and didn't hold the form properly.  Of course, the silicone forms STILL are too painful to wear for everyday use, so I made a pair of microbead forms to fit that smaller bra.

By moving to a larger size bustline, more like what I had years ago before surgery, I've learned something important about the microbead forms as well as the silicone forms.  If you want a very full looking bustline to fill your current bra, whether with microbead forms or silicone, get the next form size up.  If you want a typical lower, less noticeable perkiness, the bustline we all naturally would have gotten with age, then go with the forms MEANT to fit that size bra, making sure that your band size is snug if measuring for silicone. 

For an example with microbeads, my XXL forms fit the 40D bra well, same as shown in the size chart on my website, but they also look good even in my old 42B, though they pull it away from the body a little too much at the top in a B cup.  I guess what I'm saying is this...and this mostly goes for sizes 2X and above... my microbeads are more likely to feel as if they run small because most of us who were D cups and up to start with before our surgeries, don't feel the same 'bustiness' with forms that merely fit inside the bra cup. Our bodies were used to a lot more bulge.  Sizes that only 'fit', are going to feel too small in some bra cup styles, particularly if your band size is actually a little bit too big for your body. 

I've always made forms to fit inside the cups of all sizes of bras, and since almost everyone was happy with them staying inside the cups, that was fine.  Now I'm thinking that probably ladies XXL and up may want to order the next size up in order to better fill their cups and feel more natural.  Occasionally, with size 3X to 5X, people would say they didn't fill the cup enough, but then some people in the same size range said the forms were too large, so I left them at the average to fill those sizes. 

As always, this stuff depends on whether you truly have the right size bra for your ribcage, when set at the tightest hooks...and the right size cup, and the average size indentations from mastectomy...sigh...there's no 'one size fits all', even when I am making ten different form sizes.  So, you larger sizes out there who are like me, learn from me, lol... if you really want to be full-sized again up top, you may end up needing bigger forms, because though microbeads are very forgiving for size variations on sizes XL and below, differences can be more noticeable in XXL and above, especially if your bra band is a touch too large.