First is my own good news, I'm finally completely OUT OF THE WHEELCHAIR and doing fine!  :^)  Once I decided that the wound clinic I was going to, was HINDERING my recovery...and I researched what to do to PROMOTE my recovery, everything changed quickly.  I finally started healing and by now, after about a month, my ankles are truly healed and I'm walking just fine again.  Can't begin to tell you how much easier life is now that I'm walking around again, lol...  If any of you have fragile skin that tears or wounds easily, and you're interested, I'll come back sometime and post what I did to repair mine.  It's now in the best shape it's been for years, so I don't expect to have more problems.

Now for the second bit of good news.  For several years, our postage from the U.S. to other countries has been really high, and I've been unable to make shipping labels from home for First Class International shipping through PayPal.  Well, for whatever reason, all that's changed lately, very quietly, and without me hearing about it.  A few weeks ago, I noticed that to ship to Canada, the price is practically the same for local shipping in some cases AND the label could be made through PayPal online, saving my having to take an hour to drive to the post office and stand in line anymore.  Soon after that, I shipped a package to the U.K., one to India...and today, to Australia, all about half of what I'd been having to pay, and all labels printed through PayPal! 

I'm so happy that this is happening.  However, I'm not sure how many other countries the price has lowered for, and when I look them up on the postal website, it still shows the much higher postage. Until I have a definitive list of actual postage for different weight packages, you may still have to pay the postal website estimate, BUT....when I find your actual price was significantly less on the day I make your shipping label, I'll refund your excess shipping via PayPal.  This will save both of us a significant amount of money, and me a lot of time.  Yay! Thank you PayPal, for adding First Class International to your shipping label maker!

That's all for today, sending happy thoughts for a beautiful spring full of sunshine and flowers.  We've all had enough of this winter, right?