Recently, I stopped by a local craft store, and happened on a batch of self-inking rubber stamp things by Hampton Art Stamps.  I usually don't have time to 'play' much with my craft supplies, hadn't bought anything not all about sewing lately, but there was a big display, and, oh my, on sale the day I was there! 

Started picking out cling-stamp sets to go in the i-press stamper that holds various colors of ink pads they sell, then got a few different ink pads, and then, EUREKA, saw a kit that includes getting a customized rubber stamp made, all on sale, so who could resist?  There in my hand was a pink ink cartridge, so of COURSE it came to my mind that perhaps I could have a stamp made with the pink ribbon and my website name.  Let's face it, it's not exactly a short name, when I send something to someone and have to print out something with the name, well... a rubber stamp seemed like just the thing!

However, as it turned out, their graphics didn't include a 'cause' ribbon, and my website was too long for the lettering in the standard forms, so I just ordered a standard home return address stamp instead.  As it turns out though, it wasn't a problem.  Called them, went through several people to locate the section with the people I needed to talk to, explained my needs, and wow...this company is GREAT!  They really stand behind their products, know how to use them, and understand us nutty creative types. I was told they'd check around and see what they could do.

A WONDERFUL lady there, Erica, later looked up my website, shared it around the company, and before I knew it, got a call that they were making a stamp for me, just like I'd envisioned, to show their support of my little website.  From the time they arranged it to the time it was in my hands, was a mere few days, and that was in the middle of a snowstorm that was very difficult to get through to work!  I love the stamp, came out just the way I'd envisioned though I could only give them the basics on the phone.   Someone there took the time to look up similar breast cancer related logos, and designed something they thought would work, still fitting in my LOOOOOONG website name.

I LOVE MY NEW STAMP!  Also love the whole stamping system they sell, even found a special box to keep all my supplies together safely, and have been stamping all sorts of things with all my other stamps while waiting. If you're into scrapbooking, you may be interested, too.  Each package of their cling-stamps has 3 of them in it, and almost all of the sets would go along great with scrapbooking.  They go easily into their  'i-press' stamper, and the various colors of ink pads change out quickly, just slide in or out.  Great range of colors, too.

My biggest joy with using them is that, even though I have a bit of arthritis and have some trouble getting regular stamps to work right without blurring, this system stamps each one nicely every time, no rocking or anything, just automatic in the way it works.  Click it down, done!

So, here I am shamelessly advertising my new favorite toy, lol... but hey, I bet a lot of you have joint pain, too. That's often a long lasting side effect of chemo and of some of the meds we have to take for years after chemo.  For many of us, arthritis either starts or gets worse.  If that's the case with you, you might want to ask around at your favorite craft store or look up their Hampton Art Stamps it and you'll find all sorts of places that sell them.  So glad to have found them, not just for my website, but for my playtime in the craft room.

Next time you get something from me (well, as soon as I find the right sticker paper again!) you'll probably see my little stamp.  Now you'll also know the story BEHIND it.  :^)