Our aging Pekingese fur-baby that we've loved for about 13 1/2 years, passed away on Thursday.  It was my husband and my 36th wedding anniversary, another anniversary we'll never forget...  We'd so hoped she'd recover from her latest health issues, as she'd suddenly taken a turn for the worse early in the week.  She had then improved after an injection Tuesday, but it only gave her another full day with us on Wednesday.  At least it was a good day.  We were then up trying to comfort our little dog all during the night before our anniversary, her pain increasing as her organs had begun to shut down.  When our vet called us the next morning to check on her, we all tearfully realized that it was time, nothing more could be done to help.  We spent a few more minutes alone with her, then headed in to the vet's office.  As you can imagine, that was extremely difficult.

Every day of that small dog's life, she was held and told how much she was loved and would be always, every single day of her little life, and that's the last words she heard again as she drifted off to her final sleep, looking as if such relief had come. 

She will be dearly missed.  I thank those of you who had written during this last few days, if you and this website weren't here, I don't know how I'd have dealt with it all.  Life goes on, and my sewing room will still hum with the sewing machine, keeping me focused on something else other than missing our little friend every moment.  In my heart, she'll always be napping in the doorway as I work, watching over me.

This will probably be our last little dog.  I plan now to grow the website a little more, occupying some of the time that's no longer needed by our little friend.  Everyone please keep ordering now, please don't anyone think I need more time off because I don't do well dwelling on it.  I really need to keep extra busy.  I'm heading for the sewing room right now to fill a couple of orders. There is no better solace than having something positive to accomplish.