Wow, it was amazing, it just kept going and going until suddenly there was no more!  Very few people order the black forms, mostly people wanted them to stitch permanently into the cups of swimsuits with black linings, so they didn't have to buy mastectomy swimsuits with pockets.  Anyway, as of today, I've finally ran out of the black spandex. 

You'll probably ask why I don't run out and buy some regular black swimsuit fabric, but I'm picky and it had to be a special weight of fabric, so that the white microbeads wouldn't show through, and I've not been able to find this specific black fabric again in small amounts.  When it's located, hopefully, the black forms will be returned to the 'Items for Sale' page.

Don't worry, there's still plenty of the beige/skintone fabric that I buy in huge bolts.  Won't be long before it's running low though, so I've been saving up for another bolt of it well before it runs out.  The type of spandex fabrics I like to use (really durable) cost several hundred dollars a bolt, so the bulk of the money really MUST continue to be saved for the beige that almost everyone wants for everyday use instead of the black just for swimsuits or special occasion garments, sigh...sorry. 

The beige really works well in any bra, no matter the color, and in swimsuits with skintone linings, so please be patient if you want the black ones before swimsuit season, and I'll keep looking for more.  If you need them now, you can order the beige ones and stitch a black pocket into your swimsuits, following the instructions on my page showing how to do that for bras.  :^)