About three days ago, we thought hubby was having a bad reaction to a blood pressure med change, but just to be on the safe side, I called his heart specialist, who soon arranged for testing and treatment.  Turns out, hubby had another mild heart attack and had to be in the hospital a couple of days to receive more stents to open a clogged artery.  It was just a coincidence that his symptoms were on the same day as the first dose of the new med, but that probably saved his life. If we'd not been WATCHING for problems with the med, we may have thought it was only indigestion.

This will likely be an ongoing pattern that we will deal with from time to time the best we can.  I always stay with him as much as possible when he's in the hospital, so there may occasionally be a day or two when emails won't be checked.  Please be patient if that happens again in the future.  I promise, I'll always check emails at the first opportunity after he's stable and back to his happy self, but my dearest hubby comes first.  :^)

As for right now, we are feeling blessed that, once again, he came through everything fine and is already looking and acting as if he's totally recovered from it.  In fact, I have to really work to keep up with him!  Within 4 hours of the stents, he was off of most of the equipment, fully dressed, and walking around the halls carrying the rest of the testing gadgets in his pocket with all the wires hidden under his shirt, lol...  The nurses on the late shift once tried to treat ME, thinking that I was the patient!  I looked awful, after the scare and with no sleep, but he looked GREAT!