As promised, I've added more sizes of microbead breast forms to the pattern shown on the 'Sew Your Own Breast Forms' page of this site so that you can see how to re-draw my pattern into your own size now, saving you hours of experimenting.

If you don't sew, I've also added more sizes of completed forms on the 'Items For Sale' page.  You can buy them already made for less than buying all the materials to get started, so even my non-sewing readers can try these lightweight forms now.  If you don't see your size, just ask.  I'm currently working on making more pattern sizes available soon, but the sizes all the way from Small to XLarge are done, just view the sizes and match your bra and cup size in the list.  :^)

Thanks for your patience, and I'm sorry it took me so long!  It takes a lot of experimenting, and I've actually had to purchase bras over the last few months, to make sure the forms worked in the correct sizes, then recruit various survivor friends to test them.  Not an easy task, but done at last!  :^)