Hello, friends!  There's a big change coming in the way that you can keep up with this website's newest things.  I've started a blog that can be found here:  http://mastectomysolutions.wordpress.com/ that you can 'follow' if you like so you'll be first to know when I've found another solution, OR when I see something at a local store that can be used for mastectomy-wear.  Every so often, I've been someplace like Walmart and seen a current top or bra that is designed with a natural 'pocket' that'll work well with microbead forms, and I've wanted to post a picture right away so you can find the item easily at your local store.  My WordPressblog will allow me to do that from my android device.  It's just a faster way to get news to you, because usually, by the time I get around to posting things on this website, the item has long-since been sold out in the stores.  I may even post something occasionally at a great price that I've found accidentally, and the ones reading the WordPress blog will be the only ones to know before it's GONE.  Everybody likes a bargain, right?  :^)

To follow the blog, go to the link given up above, and look at the right hand side of the page, at the end of the selections there.  Enter your email address and click the grayed-out-looking "Follow' button, and that's it.  You'll automatically get an email when I make a blog post, you won't have to log in or do anything.  Don't worry, it won't be often that you'll get the emails, lol... I'd rather be sewing than typing!  At least this way, after you've read the website, keeping up with additions will be as easy as checking your email.  :^)

While I'm here, also wanted to tell you that we've recently adopted a rescue dog that's just adorable.  She doesn't take the place of our beloved Pekingese that passed away in May, none could... but she does make us smile and we're giving her lots of love.  She'll have soon been with us a month, but feels it feels as if she's been here for years already.  I'll post a picture before long.  :^) She's a cross between a Cavalier Spaniel and a Pappillion, and looks like a little miniature 'pointer' when she sees a bird, bunny, or squirrel while out on walks, lol... She only weighs about what our Peke did, but has the longest thin dainty legs.  Took me ages to learn how to pick her up,as I was so used to short Peke legs!  (Imagine picking up a fawn, it feels sort of like that, small but with legs EVERYWHERE.  When she folds them in, she's a little thing, even fitting into our Peke's bed that she inherited.

She's extremely quiet, clean, well trained and well behaved, barely sheds any, and she totally won our hearts before she even walked in the door.  This is the first adult dog we've ever gotten, so I didn't think about how effortless it can be to have a nicely trained adult one just walk in.  All the potty training and furniture chewing is long past, thank goodness. 

I highly recommend adoption from animal welfare rescue groups.  They see to the pet's veterinary needs, so you're assured of the health issues of the pet, which saves you hundreds of dollars right off the bat.  I'm not kidding, I can remember puppies that we'd spend unexpected hundreds on the first year of care, and this furry child cost us..um...let me see.... pretty much nothing other than the adoption fee since we've had her, except a bag of food and I did pick up a year's worth of heartworm preventative since this sort of dog needs long walkies for exercise, don't want a mosquito to chase her down.  Hubby is really getting his exercise with this little girl!  She walks so fast he can barely keep up.  Maybe a mosquito couldn't keep up either, but we're taking no chances.

Now that you've had a shameless advertisement for your local Animal Welfare group, lol... please visit the blog and sign in for announcements HERE.  Thanks!  :^)