Well, despite feeling great and being really healthy, I STILL caught the cold virus that seems to never go away this year, lol... Am over it but still feeling a little off my game.  Instead of designing new things, have spent most of this month de-cluttering my home.

Like most of you, I find a new year to be a good place to start fresh.  With so many wonderful organizational tips on the internet, it's hard to go organize and not just READ about it, lol... but things are really taking shape again. When the last of the clutter is gone from all the little hidden areas, it seems easier to focus on more complicated things like pattern design and crafting again.  Almost to that area, and can't wait. 

Sewing to me is like having a vacation, and I love it when microbead mastectomy form orders come in from the website because I see it as a happy little holiday (at least for a few hours).  :^)  Please feel free to continue to send order requests and questions, but do be aware that on occasional, I don't get back to the internet to check emails until very late at night.

(**Note: If the lady who asked about international shipping is still checking in, please email again with a working email address.  I wanted to let you know that I can ship to your country, but my replies to you keep coming back as undeliverable to the address you gave me.  Thanks!)