Yeah, I know... I've been promising some of you who wrote that I'd draft more patterns soon in different sizes, and offer more sizes on the 'Items for Sale' page.  I totally get how hard this stuff is to do for those who don't sew, because I do sew, and I STILL have trouble tracking down all the right materials and finding time to create new items.  Between handling a lot more summer 'chores' and my husband's health issues, I got a bit behind with designing this month.  However, today was the day!  I spent all day drafting a variety of sizes as paper patterns, and have already sewn and tested a couple more different sized forms today.  Will make more over the weekend and, if testing goes well with my local friendly test subjects (thanks friends!), should have several more sizes prepared within a week or so.  Hopefully less.

I've also been working on a design of a sort of small 'suspender clip' that will hold your bra band down without your having to make a stretchy tube such as is described on the 'Bra Band Ouch Fix' page.  It should make the summer heat easier, especially for those of you who don't sew yet and need a faster fix.  The 'bra tube' never really bothered me to wear in summer's heat until this year.  Well, most of the time I'm in air conditioned areas, but not always this year.  There's just so much summer heat (along with hot flashes!) that a woman can stand before saying 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!'.  There is always more than one solution, thankfully.

After testing out a variety of clips and elastic, there's some good possibilities showing up.  I'm testing them myself, worn with a variety of mastectomy bras during strenuous activities involving stretching, even working in the heat (mowing for hubby, trimming trees that can't wait until winter, gardening, as well as my vacuuming, etc., you name it!).  With any luck, if I can get more of the best type of clips at a reasonable price by purchasing them in quantity, those will be on the 'Items for Sale' page soon as well.  I figure that if they can survive the things I put them through, they should work for most other women as well.  If you've had problems with your bra bands riding up and don't want to make the tube to stitch to it, be patient and keep watching, I promise to do my best to have some available soon.  :^)