Hello there! Just a quick note to let you know that, yes, I finally raised the price $2 a pair for the microbead forms.  When the post office raised their rates yet again a few months ago, I knew I'd probably need to raise mine to make up for the additional postage I'd have to pay for supplies, but I kept putting it off.  After paying for the last few shipments and indeed seeing higher prices, well..it was just past time.  Sorry about it, would rather have not done it, but along with gas, supplies, and everything else, just has to be done sometimes or else I get so far behind that I can't order more fabric or microbeads.

Now for better news!  I have the black fabric back in stock, and just in time for summer!  So many of you ordered microbead breast forms in black last year, to match swimsuit linings in black, as well as black bras, that I knew it would be something that should be added back as soon as I could get the right kind of fabric again.  Well, in my search for that, I found a darker nude fabric as well, Yay!!!  I've added the spot back on the "Items for Sale" page again for the black fabric just so that it'd not delay anyone who needed it, but wanted to mention that you can now order the Teardrop shape microbead forms as well as the Triangular shape microbead forms in black.  Just be sure to mention your shape choice in the "Checklist" notes section when you fill it out.

Before long, I'll be changing up that page to make it all a little easier to understand but haven't had time yet.  There is a third color of fabric also available called 'Dark Nude'. It's really more of the color of a medium tan skin, as the 'Light Nude' color that I've always used previously is sort of a pale color.  So, remember, even if it doesn't say so yet on the page where you click to order your forms, you CAN just ask for whatever color you want, Light Nude, Dark Nude, or Black (to match swimsuit & bra linings) for any of the forms whether done in Triangular or Teardrop shape, with adjustment tubes or not. 

The main thing is just to tell me the color you want and the shape.  :^)  I'm flexible.  If you have more suggestions of colors you'd like, I'll be glad to consider them, but these three fabrics are what I could afford for now.  Would someday like to have some really crazy colors just for fun!  Who says we can't have flashy zebra stripe or floral breast forms?  Band-aids used to be only in beige, too, lol.... until someone stepped out and decided to shake things up a bit.  :^)