Finally, it's here!  I've been making size XXS microbead breast forms for a while now and testing with various people and various styles of bras, and finally think it's about as close to an average size as it's going to get, so just tonight I've added this size to the free pattern instructions on the 'Sew Your Own Breast Forms' page of my website.  The smaller the bra size, the harder it is to fit EVERYONE, because scar tissue makes an even bigger difference in the size needed, so I took a lot longer on this one to fit more people.  For those of you waiting for the pattern, sorry it took so long. 

The next goal is to make more sizes larger than the XXL, as I've been promising bigger patterns to several individuals for a long time, too.  The days are just too short...  I've also added the size XXS microbead forms (already made to completion) on the 'Items for Sale' page for those of you who can't make your own just now, and they're still priced at about what just a bag of microbeads cost in most areas.  This makes SEVEN sizes of breast forms so far.  And to think, it started with just one pair of XL's that I made for myself! 

People in over a dozen countries have now made their own microbead forms from these patterns...that just amazes me.  A few years ago, I'd never have imagined making patterns for ANYTHING to put on the web, and certainly not anything as intimate as this, lol...  Whenever I get to feeling down because of health issues or stress from effects of breast cancer and mastectomy, it makes me feel better to know that at least there's been some sort of contribution to survivors because of it.  These patterns and suggestions for 'fixes' that I'd never have even known was needed, could never have been done if I'd not experienced mastectomy myself. 

Just goes to show... we as survivors should try to keep going.  Don't ever give up, resolve to keep living and get through whatever you're dealing with, because you never know what door will be opened next in your life.  Each one of us as individuals can do something, even if we can't do a relay or contribute to fund-raisers, we can still do something.  I challenge each one of you to look for solutions and share what you've discovered with others, also.  If you're not the 'fix-it' type yourself, feel free to share this website with friends and cancer support groups.  You never know whose life you may touch, someone who may come up with something new that will rock our worlds! 

Until then, peace be with you all, and let's keep our survivor sisters in our prayers.  There are many who may be just now finding out that they have this breast cancer journey ahead of them.  None of us ever forget that day.