I've been looking long and hard for a dependable future supplier of the fabric I need when making microbead breast forms for those of you who order from me here, as I've had problems finding someone with the right weight of fabric lately, and... guess what... I'VE FOUND THE PERFECT ONE!  So excited, just got the perfect sample and made my first larger order, can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Whew.

Those of you who don't sew, may not get how great this is, but it is a really difficult to find fabrics that meet preferences AND in large quantities.  Fabrics have to have the right amount of stretch in order to let the microbeads do their job of filling a bra cup both comfortably and attractively, and it has to be the sort of knit that won't 'run' or snag under normal day to day wear, and it has to have good 'recovery' when it's stretched out of shape, it must go immediately back to it's sewn shape.  It also has to be a fabric that my sewing machine can handle without it crawling around too much because I sew a LOT and it's so not easy if the fabric doesn't cooperate. 

If all that weren't enough, it also has to be a color that will work in white, beige, or various bright bra colors and still be at least somewhat acceptable if seen through a lacy bra.  All this, and it also has to be the type knit that will wash and dry fairly easily.  Sigh...this is not easy, folks, lol... if you've shopped for any sort of skin-tone swimsuit fabric, you know, right?  It's not as hard to find a fairly adequate generic SWIMSUIT fabric that'll do most of this at a local fabric store, just hard to get it in skintone AND the right thickness, then add ordering online unless you have a sample.  Ick.

Really, if you wear a microbead breast form INSIDE a mastectomy bra pocket, it might not matter so much about what color it is to anyone else, but to me, it matters.  :^)  I know many of you have the same problem in finding swimsuit fabrics that will work when you try making your own breast forms, and I've recommended you try whatever swimsuit fabrics are available to you at your local fabric store even if they're leopard print, because no one else will know (and besides, it might be FUN!) but...well... I make these for a lot of people with a lot of different preferences, so what I buy must be a fabric that will both hold up in washing and wearing AND look good to the greatest amount of people.

The fabric I've found for my manufacturing these microbead forms is 'light nude' color, which is slightly lighter in color than the old color I  have been using, but I've been comparing it to the most popular bra shades of 'nude', and it's a pretty good match.  The supplier is VERY knowledgeable, especially compared to many other people I contacted or ordered samples from who didn't seem to know their Spandex from their...well...let's just say many others didn't seem to know what they were selling and it was difficult for them to understand what I needed, and this supplier KNOWS HER STUFF inside and out and SEWS, has even given me some nifty ideas for new projects!

 Buying fabric online is just not easy.  If I were you, I'd first buy whatever you can find that you can pick up and touch at your local fabric store, even if it's bright purple, until you KNOW you can work with this type fabric...lol... no one but you will know what it looks like inside your bra,aanyway.  :^)  I get orders from a lot of people who gave sewing Spandex for the first time a try, and threw up their hands in despair,  so I don't recommend investing in a lot of fabric unless you know you can successfully work with it.

Still, I'm picky, annoyingly picky, about getting just the right fabric.... so to find a kind-hearted, patient, and trustworthy supplier who was generous enough to put up with MY nutty preferences and get the right fabric to me so quickly, is a red-letter day!  I'm happy, Snoopy-dance happy, and just had to tell you!  Was really getting very worried as my supplies dwindled and I SO didn't want to go 'second best' on fabric to replace it.

Also, all of you who are repeat customers, please NOTE:  I'll soon be running out of the old slightly darker shade of 'nude' fabric, and will be switching over to the new slightly lighter color for your microbead forms. If you specifically NEED the darker nude color for your next set, be sure to order very quickly.  When it's gone, it's GONE!  (There's a slight possibility that in the future, my supplier may be able to provide a bolt of the darker kind, and I may invest in some of that as well, but don't depend on it, ok?  I'll likely buy another bolt of this color fabric first and I have to save up money in between because it's a major purchase for me.  I do invest as much as I can afford to in keeping a good quantity of fabric, but it's hard to keep a lot of DIFFERENT types for a lot of extra choices.  Will do my best though, and will make a note for you on the ordering page when I switch over to the lighter color fabric.)

One last thing...because of this (ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL) supplier, there's finally a possibility that you'll soon see some other products here as well, may even finally be able to produce a small mastectomy clothing line that I've wanted to add, with things I've never been able to find commercially produced.  I figure, if it's something I need and can't find, there's probably others with mastectomy who need it and can't find it, so SOMEBODY'S got to do it, right?  Before, I couldn't depend on a consistency bolt to bolt, and the prices were beyond prohibitive for someone like myself to order less than several hundred yards at once (yeah, who has room to store THAT MUCH, right?).  However, now that I've found a great fabric partner online, it's very tempting!  :^)