I just wanted to take a moment to tell all of you "Thank you" for being so wonderful recently when my little world fell apart with the loss of our dear Pekingese 'fur baby' last month.  We continue to grieve for her, but life goes on, as it always does.  When I mentioned to you here that I hoped you'd not stop ordering, because I needed to stay busy, many of you wrote with messages of comfort and the orders poured in at a time when keeping busy was the best medicine possible for me.

Today, I wanted to share a picture of our little girl.  We miss her so, and nothing can ever replace her.  We had not planned to ever have another little dog, but sometimes things happen that are not planned so maybe someday there will be another, we'll see.  Sometimes God puts people or pets in your life that you'd not expect, situations none of us could imagine in advance, and I'm already being reminded of that.

At any rate, we're doing better now, looking to the future more.  I just ordered more microbeads and got them in today, and have caught up a bit with things that need doing around here.  So, if you're ready to order, it's a good time and the sewing room is ready again whenever you are.  I'm going to try to keep making the microbead forms at the same price for a little bit longer.  Everything has gone up at least twice since the last slight price increase, both in materials and postage, which is especially noticeable when I order things and pay that higher postage, ick...  It's possible that my price for the microbead breast forms may go up in July, if not before then, but I'm holding out for the moment and staying at the same price for now.

Hugs, and again, THANK YOU!