A website reader just suggested a YouTube video called "The Scar Project".  There's several, but the one by David Jay is something I'd suggest for anyone who has been, or is about to go through breast cancer surgery.  It will give you an idea of what typical scars look like, whether reconstruction is done or not... and some of the women had lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. 

I'm appreciative of the brave breast cancer survivors who allowed their photos to be put on the video  It's very informative and quite moving to watch, perhaps because I recognize that look in their eyes.  They've survived and life goes on, but it does affect us.  People around us often don't see past the exterior we project daily, and once we're healed, life moves on.  As anyone who's been through something as life-altering as breast cancer knows, the life we move on into is quite different from what we had before.  It's just...different... which isn't always bad or good, just different.

Because friends forget the change in us, it does not mean that it's not there, and we survivors always recognize that look in the eyes between ourselves.  It's a club none of us would choose to be in, but it's a close-knit club who supports and stands up for each other, and I totally support everyone who participated in The Scar Project, and send a big 'thank you' to the lovely reader who mentioned it to me.  I may have seen it a long while ago, but had forgotten, with all else that's been going on.

If you get a chance, go look it up on YouTube... it's tastefully and artfully done, black & white photos, in a slide-show format with music, nothing shocking.  I've often had people about to go through surgery ask about what the scars are like, and this is quite informative without overwhelming you.  I'll forever be thankful to a a very kind nurse who let me see what bilateral mastectomy looks like before I went through it myself so that I could see that it was something I could live with.