If you've read this website, you already KNOW that I prefer breast forms filled with microbeads, since they weigh about an ounce each and are relatively pain-free, conform well, wash easily, PLUS you can make your own with my free pattern, so the cost can be relatively low.  However, I saw something interesting during a recent showing of the newest breast forms and mastectomy products and could hardly wait to try it!

The ABC company makes a 5 ounce form (prosthesis) of memory foam now, called "First Form 916".  It's very comfortable and looks great, but is pricey at around $200 a pair, especially for something that will likely last maybe 6 months.  I have now worn them and love the look and feel, though they can be a bit warm...about like silicone forms in summer.  I'll still wear the lighter weight microbead forms almost all the time, but also love the memory foam's shaping to fit my scars, plus the smooth front shaping, and will likely wear them instead of silicone forms under dressier clothing for as long as they last. 

The pros:  They look as good as the even pricier silicone forms on you, shape to fit like the microbeads do, and the weight is about halfway in between the two... about the same as the standard weighted foam "leisure forms" or "rest breasts" that have been available for years.  (You know, the regular foam ones that slowly SHRINK and flatten with use?  Ick.)

The cons:  Heat, harder to wash, long drying time, and, still, the weight...though half the weight of silicone, still five times heavier than microbead forms. 

I'm not positive they caused it, but after wearing the memory foam forms for several days in a row, the scar pain and lymphedema in my arm increased for me, much as it does after only a few hours of wearing silicone forms.  My best guess is that if you often have some arm swelling from breast form pressure around your scars, you can comfortably wear these for more hours than you can silicone, but microbead forms are still better for long hours of daily use. Maybe wear the memory foam forms under shapelier dressy clothing, microbead forms for leisure and everyday use.

What are your thoughts?  Has anyone else tried the new memory foam breast forms?  How have they held up?  I'd like to hear your thoughts after wearing them, both the pros and cons.  Each one of us who can review new products, may help someone else in finding things that work for them without expensive trial and error.