Recently, I acquired some larger size test bras with full intentions of drafting the patterns for properly sized microbead forms right away... unfortunately, I put them in a box not properly labeled, and...well... it just slipped my mind to make the patterns.  Someone recently asked about those sizes, so I've finally drafted the patterns to fit.  There are now completed microbead forms available on the "Items For Sale" page in the newest sizes of 3XL and 4XL, and the pattern changes will soon be added to the "Sew Your Own Breast Forms" page for you who have been waiting to sew them for yourself. 

It may be a few days, need to get offline now and go sew a pair of forms for someone, but I'll do my best to get my pattern notes together and add them as soon as possible for the newest two sizes.  Please keep reminding me when I forget stuff, it helps!   Also, those of you who can't find microbead forms in your size on this site, just write and ask.  If I have any test bras to size them to, I'll be happy to draft more patterns and add them to the current list of sizes available.