Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed looking through the website.  It took months to create (though it was in my head for years, you just couldn't SEE it there, lol...) and I'm only just now finally adding a blog page.  Yes, I know, I promised some of you that it would be done long ago...  Too tell the truth, it took so long to create the website that I needed a break from learning how to do website building things, and a blog looked complicated.  Who knew it would take all of about five minutes to add to the site!  Well, well.... sorry about that!  Live and learn, huh?

Thanks for your patience!  :^)  If you'd like to post a comment and don't see a box on the page you're viewing, click on topics under 'Recent Posts' and you'll find the comment box.  If you prefer to email me with comments, questions, or suggestions, please go to the "Email Me" tab at the top of any page on this site, I'm always glad to hear from you!