Wow, I get busy with sewing and outdoor stuff doing various yard work and such, and it seems I never get around to making a post unless it's about my own health because for some reason everything gets slowed down because of it, lol... SORRY!  This is just the fastest way to give info about whatever there is to do about the website and health issues are the one thing that seem to get in the way a lot. 

I'm still sewing microbead forms and responding to emails from my '' website daily and am almost caught up with orders, but have had a heart problem for years that's slowing me down yet again for a bit, possibly because of stopping a med that shouldn't have been stopped a while ago.  Until it gets resolved this time, I really need to not get overly tired or be walking around a lot because I get 'swimmy headed'.  (translation:  I've fallen and I can't get up! lol...)  Right now, I get up in the mornings, check the computer, lay down for a bit, make breakfast, lay down for a bit, sew a bit, lay down for a I bet you see a pattern there, lol...

Thank goodness for sewing, it gives me something that at least I CAN do without getting falling-down-dizzy or chest hurting right now, even if it takes me longer than it generally does.  Many of you who read this blog know that if you need something, I generally have it sewn and out the door in two or three days.  Not the case right now, it's been closer to four or five days to completion this last week, and with some more medical appointments to get this fixed up, may turn into more than that, depending on how far you might be down in line.

I don't like having to wait for things and know that you don't either, so I just want to apologize in advance if there are any delays in the near future.  Orders coming in from today on, (May 18, 2016) will be printed out and taken to my sewing room, and I'll sew them as I can in between resting and appointments.  While I can promise that they WILL get done, (or payment refunded if anything happens where I can't get them done soon enough), they will just have to get done when they get done, in order, first come, first served, etc, etc, etc...  I'll do my best to keep you in the loop if you have to expect very long delay.

There!  I feel better already, you know in advance so you won't be as annoyed if I get your order after a few others and say it might take a couple weeks.  :)  All of you who are praying sorts, I'd sure appreciate a little prayer when you think of it.  I'm going nuts here waiting to get to feeling alright.  There is some painting around the house that I'd planned, my kitchen is waiting for me to finish it right now, some plants to move out in the yard. 

But.  Drat.  Time to go lay down again.  Hugs to you all, stay healthy, and for heaven's sake don't wait so long to get things fixed like I do!