It took me years to decide to invest in the sewing and embroidery machine I told you about recently here, on the 'Can you believe it's almost summer?' post.  It's the one I bought on Amazon with my yard sale money, and paid significantly more than I just now saw it on sale for.  If anyone is even THINKING about wanting an embroidery machine that also sews really great, go check it out on Amazon.  I just now saw it for $339 with FREE SHIPPING... I've seen this same machine at Walmart in our town a week ago for $398, and with taxes it'd have been way more.  On Amazon,I've never been charged sales tax on things I bought through them online,so $338 is what you'd actually pay, just make sure to buy the one that says 'free super saver shipping'...  Here's a link I just now copied, hope it works: 

Amazon changes prices from time to time, I'd watched this machine go up and down for years.  Don't know what it depends on, maybe the economy or the off season, and I'm hoping the price will still be the same when you get there, but as of today, right this minute, it's there!  I use this same machine now almost every day and am totally spoiled by it as a sewing machine.  Thought I wanted an embroidery machine mostly, but hey, I make these microbead breast forms for people often enough that this machine has proven itself to me in dependability and ease of use, even on difficult-to-sew fabric. 

If you've ever priced true embroidery machines, you know they usually cost thousands of dollars, so most people think this more inexpensive one couldn't possibly do the job, but they're wrong. I have embroidered a few things and it was so easy and came out so pretty.  You can buy and download designs, or find them for free sometimes on various websites.  I am hoping to embroider on things more often when I can get enough colors of embroidery thread, but most of my money goes to skin-tone thread for sewing microbead forms... maybe another yard sale will happen in the fall to stock up with more of those gorgeous shiny spools of machine embroidery thread that keep calling my name when I walk past them at the craft store, lol...  What?  Thread doesn't speak to YOU?  Poor dear...  :^)

Although...well... I really really really DROOL over the Brother serger at Amazon for $194 now, oh what I could do with that machine!  My ancient sergers, three of them, each only do one thing well, so each one sits there until it's needed for it's job.   I'd SO love to have ONE new one that would do it all well, to take the place of the old ones that I bought at various estate and yard sales, so there'd be more room to actually SEW.   Someday!  Should I break it to hubby that he'll need to help me with ANOTHER yard sale in a few months when it's cooler?  Will have to search for things that need to go, he'll be glad if I discard more odds and ends probably.  :^) 

Amazon?  Are you listening?  How about a Brother serger sale, come on!