Everyone has links they 'like', but these below are my very most favorite.  Whether learning how to do something, finding a way to improve something, getting advice on something, or just treating myself to a few minutes on a site that makes me smile!  Please enjoy them with me.  I usually only recommend sites that I've interacted with myself on many occasions and fully trust the real PEOPLE running them, and these are truly some exceptionally nice people!


If anyone would like more information on implants or about having them removed, this is the site you should see,

Implant Info

They can answer your questions about implants, complications from them, sites to research, where and how to get laboratory testing done, where to report problems, information about having breast implants removed, etc...  There's an EXCELLENT 'Frequently Asked Questions'  (FAQ) page that will clear up a lot of questions right off.  Be sure to join their forum to meet the people there, who can offer you advice and provide a wonderful support system with fast answers.  There are probably other sites out there with bits and pieces of the information you'll find on their website, but I know of no other place with as clearly presented and easily understood answers and such a personal touch.  The website is truly the most well done website I've found on the subject of implants, thus far.  If you want to go directly to their forum, it's now HERE.  


*****NOTE:  I'm placing a link to my blog on WordPress here, in case you miss it elsewhere on this website.  It'll keep you up to date on any additions to this site, news and photos of a current item of clothing in your local stores that would work well with microbead mastectomy forms, maybe news of a nifty department store bra that doesn't need pockets added, sale prices on hard to find stuff I've happened on at a great price, things like that.  I won't blog all that often, so you'll just receive an occasional email.  To 'follow' the blog, go HERE, look down near the bottom on the right hand side of the page.  You'll see a place to enter your email address, then click the 'FOLLOW' button, and that's it, easy-peasy, nothing more to do.  No advertising, no spam, just an occasional update from me. And now back to your regular programming.... :^)



Further below is my own copy of the Charlene Phillips book, next to my own sewing machine.  It's called:


and it has 144 pages of clear close-up color photos  If you have unidentified  old attachments laying around, you're going to be so glad to get this book.  Just learning to use a hemmer attachment could save you hours of work.  Be sure to also check out her book called:


to learn all about what your  sewing machine can do, then check out her newest book called:


Look for her book titles on Amazon, as I usually get all my books written by her there, just like everyone else, so this is NOT a paid commercial advertisement...I truly do think she's one of the best teachers on sewing machine topics that I've ever found and I treasure her books.  If her publisher ever reads this, by the way, PLEASE convince her to keep writing more books, we need her!

Here's a special thing you may not know, but if you'd like a signed copy from the author herself, I think she still does it, just go to her webpage HERE.

Here's the scoop:  I had pretty much stopped sewing for the years before breast cancer and forgotten most of what I once knew.  I preferred older model sewing machines, but they come with all sorts of wonderful attachments that are difficult to use unless you know the simple directions.  If finding Charlene Phillips' website in the beginning was like GOLD to me, actually getting to know the woman behind it later on was like PLATINUM and DIAMONDS!  I kid you not, this lady knows her stuff. 

If there has ever been an attachment made for a sewing machine, Charlene Phillips most likely knows how to use it and shows how in her book called THE SEWING MACHINE ATTACHMENT HANDBOOK (available on Amazon, and at most bookstores).  She has written articles for various exceptional sewing magazines (such as Sew News, Threads, Creative Machine Embroidery, and probably others by now), taught everywhere, and is...well...THE 'go to' professional for anyone who loves sewing. 

Her books are a treasure trove of clear photos and instructions, and she knows about the most amazing presser feet, both new and vintage, that will allow you to do things with your sewing machine that you never thought you could do.

My photos aren't as good as hers, but I have often used similar camera angles because you can really SEE how to do things the way she shows it.

I have literally a bookcase full of sewing books, but her sewing machine attachments book never leaves it's spot next to my favorite sewing machine, it is referred to so often.  I credit the woman behind this book with this website of mine actually becoming real.  Her book and site got me excited about sewing again after breast cancer had knocked me for a loop, and gave me the courage to get my information out to other breast cancer survivors.


Have a look around their website and double click on their little photos there to see them in a larger size.  The pictures are nice, but the yard art is even better when you see it, as it's hard to see in a picture how something that's sometimes almost life size is going to look.  Even the edges and backs of the items are finished nicely.  Dogs are only a tiny part of what they do, but I happen to love dogs, so these are some sample photos below to give you an idea of their work.

You'll love this site!  Have you seen the painted wooden cutouts people have in their yards and wondered where to find them?  Here it is!  I own several pieces of yard art made by this husband and wife team, and they are all of EXCEPTIONAL quality.  I've looked at loads of craft shows and have never found anything to beat the quality of these items.  The wood is the thicker more expensive kind, so you will be surprised at their very reasonable prices!  They simply do not cut corners, so you don't have to worry that it'll fall apart in bad weather conditions.  They also use the best quality paints, and then, as if that wasn't enough, they carefully clear-coat each piece so that sun and rain seem to have little effect. 

I own the little Pekingese dog you see at left, and some seasonal pieces like snowmen, Santas, even comic figures and such, and have never seen undue wear on any of them yet.  My husband and I have a Christmas sign they made for us, and we've put it up after Thanksgiving and taken it down about 6 weeks later, every year for probably 10 years now, without any excessive fading or damage. Our snowman has sat in the snow many times and still looks like new.  Each piece is shipped really nicely packaged for safety, too. 

When you look at their website, you'll see it's similar to mine, because I liked the colors and the way it was arranged, so Harlean gave me tips on how to make one resembling it.  It makes you feel at home, and Harlean (who answers the emails) will make you feel the same. 

Since it's all hand made, don't wait to order on seasonal things.  Doesn't hurt to ask if they have something on hand that isn't spoken for, but do give each hand-crafted piece time to be finished because their paint and clear-coating must have time to dry properly.  They won't ship something that isn't perfect....and wow, their stuff IS about as perfect as you'll find anywhere.  I've never seen anything that comes even vaguely close to their quality.

Ooooh, I just had a thought, I bet Harlean could make a great pink ribbon for a mailbox, gotta go look for a picture to send her to see!  (Yes, she does sometimes design and make special things that aren't shown on the site, and you can just guess how I know that, lol... did I mention the Pekingese dog item at left?  Looks JUST LIKE my real Peke because she made it that way!  ***Note: My little Peke has since passed away, so I really treasure that wooden likeness Harlean had made for me way back.  It sits next to my desk so that when I forget and look there for my little dog, I at least see something looking back at me.  It's a bit comforting to see.)

Now, here is the name of the website:

No kidding, lol...I have teased her about that name, but it's what everyone calls her stuff so she chose the name.  Yes, it's a long one, so just click on the name to go there.  :^)


The website is all about making life better and easier, (and more fun!), often by helping you save money and connecting you with people who are the best at it.  A friend suggested it to me years ago and I've gone to it so often that my keyboard is practically worn out on the letters that make up their name, lol...

Any problem you might have, from needing to save money on your electric bills to finding out how to remove ink from your new leather purse, or what arts and crafts projects to keep the kids busy during summer vacation (or any other time), go there and you'll likely find tips on it.  There are newsletters you can sign up for on several topics to keep up with new tips on all sorts of topics, more than just money saving.  Off the top of my head I can think of the gardening one and the recipe one, one on budgeting, legal, health and beauty, making your own household cleaners...and oh, just go have a look for yourself, you'll not be sorry!  I've even sent in tips myself on arts and crafts, and sewing of course.  :^)

People also write in asking how to do something, and helpful people from all over chime in with answers of what worked for them.  There are articles and posts with an unbelievable amount of knowledge so you can search it out with just a few clicks.  The people who run the site are a truly nice, helpful, considerate group.  With our country's economy the way it is, I can't believe this website's name isn't up on billboards all across the nation.  Their information has been more valuable to me personally than you can imagine.  Tips on saving on energy costs alone have cut my utility bills in half.  Explore their website, learn from it, and then share what you know as well.  I'll be watching for your posts!