About Us



I was diagnosed in March of 2007 with breast cancer, and it changed my life.  Probably for the better in the end, at least after all the treatments were done and it looked as if I'd survive awhile.  (And after my hair grew back, lol...)

Before diagnosis, I just lived, and lived to work... and to take care of others first and foremost, as time raced by without notice of how fast it was passing. 

Now, I LIVE! Each breath is enjoyed, I take time to look people in the eye and listen, everyone has value to me and I can see how special they are, can't help smiling at total strangers rather than rushing past.  I cannot IMAGINE ever being bored, just doesn't happen, too many things to learn and too many things to accomplish every day.

My husband and I share our lives on a small bit of land with flowers here and there, a small vegetable garden, and a very beloved small dog. 

I encourage hubby's hobbies and look after him as well as one can look after a retired husband, and manage this website during spare moments.

(Definition of Husband: tall child who knows everything and nothing, at the same time, who'd live on jelly beans if I didn't feed him actual food at regular intervals, lol...

(Definition of Retired Husband:  Company who requires daily entertaining, and never goes home so you can get back to work, sigh....)

I kid about my husband, but I love him beyond belief, and think he is truly a gift from God.  However, God has a sense of humor, and must have known I needed one, too, so he gave me a husband who thinks he's funny.  God have mercy....  :^)

(NOTE:  My dear husband passed away recently, but I've left this post as it was, because it reminds me of what life was like before.  I miss it.)