Well, it is now June of 2022, and life continues, though considerably more expensive than most of us ever expected a few years ago, right?  Hang in there, friends.  We may as well treat it as a learning experience, like everything else.

I've watched more YouTube videos lately than I'd like to admit, lol...  Before, I'd watch sewing videos, but now, it's how to save money on groceries, cut electric bills, gardening, etc.  You know what?  I had thought I knew all this, but I'm still learning.  That's a GOOD thing.

Don't lose hope.  Ever.  Keep your faith strong, and keep learning, keep moving forward.  Look for the solutions, as always. WE WILL BE FINE.  We are warriors who survived cancer surgery.  Chemo?  Another bump in the road we had to deal with. So, this? Pffft..... If our ancestors could handle it (and without the help of YouTube, I might add!), I'm pretty sure we can make it just fine. 

Love to you all!