Well now, back at the end of NOVEMBER, I left a message here to tell you I was taking off from sewing to do some work on my house.  As some of you have written, and already found out, my life didn't work out that way for a very long while.

Within a few days, I caught Covid from a delivery driver who was one of those people who refused to wear a mask.  After my having self isolated for MONTHS and avoiding Covid, I opened the door one fateful day (without a mask, not knowing anyone was there) to find that the mask-less driver had opened my storm door at the exact same moment I opened the inner door, to leave a package, and she laughed. a couple feet from my face.

It was only a few seconds.  When I became ill a few days later, I had already forgotten.  If I'd not gone back and reviewed the security videos, I'd never have figured out HOW I caught it!  I was very ill, for the next 42 days, home alone.  

It was the sickest I've ever been in my life, WAY worse than chemo was for me.  The nausea was incredibly bad, I dehydrated, there was one day that I hallucinated, there was one where I literally crawled on inch at a time over an hour, to try to get to water.  I finally texted a neighbor/angel, and she brought ice chips and bottled water to leave at my door. I was able to get to the door to retrieve it, closer than the sink, so I believe she actually saved my life. I got better briefly, then got way worse.  You can't imagine, if you've not been through it.

Some of you know how I feel about hospitals, after my husband suffered through over five months in our local ones, me constantly catching one medical error after another, until he finally died. It was a very long nightmare. I still cry, thinking about it, and certainly wasn't going to go myself at a time when no one could be with me to watch after me.  You can think whatever you like about my sanity after being so sick and refusing to go, but I lived.  My doctor ordered meds to be delivered to my door, and we talked on the phone several times.

But, there were lasting effects from Covid.  For awhile, my heart was a problem, and when the hard coughing started, it went on for many weeks and caused a tear in the rear of one eye that left flashes of light for several months.  It still has a large grey 'floater' that disturbs my vision every so often.  My eye specialist has since checked it out and said there was nothing that could have been done for this kind of tear (not retinal, by the way), it just takes time for it to slowly heal, and it's way better, just annoying. Had to get new glasses, too, as my vision needs were different after Covid.  All because someone didn't wear a mask, it was inconvenient.  Sigh.  On the blessing side, the driver finally found out.  Apologized.  I forgave.  It's in the past now. 

So anyway, it was near the end of January before I recovered enough to resume working on the house, and I was still very weak, so everything progressed very slowly.  Not finished even now, but it's at a stopping point I can live with, at last!  My heart has settled down (oddly, right after getting the vaccine) and I've learned to live with the eye problem for the most part... and a hand problem that started during it all, is a little better, so... I am sewing again! Life is good!

There are, however, going to be very minor changes.  Because of the vision problem, I won't be sewing with the matte black fabric anymore, that matched the inside of swimsuits...sorry.  Just can't see black thread on black fabric anymore. I'm also not going to be making the breast forms with the hollow back anymore for those few of you who asked for them, because I can't use the scissors as well as before for cutting the thicker interfacing for those (these two things won't affect 99% of you, but thought I'd mention it for those few of you who notice the Checklist is now a little different, and would wonder). 

That catches you all up with the LONG Covid story, lol.. I'm just putting the basics on the facebook page for people to come here if they want to know the gory details, lol...

For those of you who want to know about the house remodeling, it came along pretty well, and one of the main things I'm most proud of is that I've become a minimalist!

During all these months, while removing things from rooms, I called local thrift stores to come pick up... let's just say, 'truckloads', of large furniture and 40 years of my lifelong gathering of craft items, books, and excess useless small appliances.  There's nothing like a near death experience to realize what a job someone else would have, to remove all your 'stuff' if you died. 

I am happy to say that I'm now down to only owning a few things that actually get used.  Even gave away my dining table, sofa, and anything that I don't use on a daily basis myself.  It's AWESOME!  My home now has room to navigate if I'm ever in a wheelchair again, and the walker I struggled with during Covid can now fit anywhere so if ever sick again, I could sit on it's seat and roll, if I could get up off the floor.

Also...gasp...are you ready? I gave away some of my sewing machines and almost all of the collection of sewing books.

You learn stuff about what you really need, crawling on the floor, and what I learned was that other people might need my stuff way more than I needed it.  Whatever had any value whatsoever, I gave away, and now love being able to clean my whole house in just a few minutes. After all, I need time to sew!  God gave me a little more life, I plan to thoroughly enjoy it while I can and walk away without looking back over my shoulder when I leave.