Pictures of Microbead Breast Forms that I sew for survivors are down below.  Yes, as of June 2022, I am still sewing!

*Note: I'm shipping only within the U.S. currently.

If this is your first time here to buy a pair of microbead breast forms already sewn, please scroll down and read the section at the bottom of the page BEFORE clicking a 'Buy Now' button.  This is not a regular 'business' website, and that area clearly explains that, so that there will not be any misunderstandings by those who aren't familiar with my site. I sew these for little more than the price of materials, to help my fellow breast cancer survivors who don't sew.  I also give away patterns for free to those who prefer to make them yourself, and I have photo tutorials on this website.  Not trying to make a living, just trying to sew for those survivors who can't.

To get your set custom sewn to your specifications, please fill this Checklist out either just before or after making the payment through PayPal, and I'll match it to your payment:  CHECKLIST TO ACCOMPANY YOUR MICROBEAD BREAST FORM ORDER

PLEASE be advised:  I ONLY make and ship these breast forms in sets of TWO that are exactly alike, because my goal is to help those with double mastectomy, BUT, they will fit you on either side so it'll give those with a single side mastectomy a spare to wear while washing one.  It's harder to match a mastectomy form to a remaining natural breast, so please see my tutorial on how to remove some microbeads for a better fit if you need to. Click this link: "Customizing Completed Microbead Forms" )  Those with BILATERAL MASTECTOMY should also use this same tutorial if they want their forms to be a little less full on one side.  Or, if you'd like to have a pair made with special ADJUSTMENT TUBES left on, ANYONE can choose that option when filling out the CHECKLIST.  You can see how the adjustment tubes work by clicking this tutorial link:  CUSTOMIZING MICROBEAD BREAST FORMS WITH ADJUSTMENT TUBES.

Also:  If you would like your forms to be slightly weighted rather than entirely filled with microbeads, just choose it in the Checklist.  I'll be happy to put in a mix of lightweight microbeads with heavier poly-beads to make them feel more balanced with a remaining breast or just to stay in place better if your bra tends to ride up.  

***NOTE****When you click on "Buy Now" a secure PayPal log-in page will open to use if you're already signed up with PayPal, but you DO NOT have to be "signed up" with PayPal to order!  Look below that PayPal log-in button, there's a line that says, "Pay With a Debit or Credit Card".  Click on it and PayPal will simply process your credit or bank debit card for you, PayPal is an ONLINE bank, I never see your credit info myself.  Please DO make extra sure that you have your home shipping address and email address listed correctly, because PayPal sends me that shipping address to use for your shipping label and I need your email address to match up with your Checklist.

PayPal is convenient for you and me both, so I've been happy to pay their processing fees so that they will process your transaction. 

TO RECAP:  I've added tutorials with photos!  Click HERE to see how to easily remove some microbeads to make your forms less full or 'perky' and HERE to see how to close the ADJUSTMENT TUBES if you choose them on your order.  Go HERE if you'd like to see a chart with all the bra sizes my microbead forms can fit, or go HERE to fill out the checklist that should be sent right before or after you make your PayPal payment by clicking the 'Buy Now' button under your choice of microbead breast forms seen further below.  To order a pair, keep scrolling down to the yellow Buy Now button below the photo.

Pair of Microbead Breast Forms, Traditional Triangular Shape

$ 42.00 USD

This is the shape that is probably best for 9 out of 10 people and has proven to fit the most bras over the years. 

I sew these for those of you who want to try the microbead breast forms shown on the instruction page "Sew Your Own Breast Forms" on this site, but maybe you don't sew or can't make them right now. They'll often be completed and shipped within a couple days, sometimes about a week, it depends on how many are ahead of you.  You MUST fill out the CHECKLIST separately to complete your order, you'll find the sizes listed there.

*NOTE***  The CHECKLIST will cover any additional information you'll need to tell me to get your size and adjustments right!  Look for it highlighted in blue near the center top of this webpage and click on it either before or right after you've made your PayPal payment.  Thanks!***

The $42 price already includes postage via First Class Parcel with Delivery Confirmation within the United States.

I am no longer shipping outside the U.S., I am sorry.

Microbeads are fairly forgiving for your size and shape variations and will usuallly fit most truly full coverage mastectomy bras. Because specific bra styles, scar tissue and personal preferences as to 'perkiness' can vary, there isn't any way to guarantee an exact fit for all bodies because each body is unique. If you buy more pairs later on, let me know if you did any further adjustments to your forms and I'll adjust it the same for you on future pairs.  Since I had bilateral mastectomy myself, I know that each of us are truly uniquely shaped, and am happy to help you achieve your most perfectly customized fit.

You can email me on the 'Email Me' tab of my website if you have any questions.  It's forwarded to my home email address, so please note that my replies may sometimes appear to be from a different address, but it's still me:^)


Pair of Microbead Breast Forms, Teardrop Shape

$ 42.00 USD

Smaller framed people occasionally asked for a slightly narrower shape, so I adapted the regular pattern to this. It does give another option for those of you who'd like to try it. Since it's creation, I've drafted patterns in ALL the sizes. People of all sizes seem to like them, so I guess they are here to stay! 

It's a little taller than the traditional triangular shaped ones I've made for years, and more rounded at the lower edge, eliminating the lower corners that might extend too far toward the underarms of those with smaller body frames.  They still have the same amount of filling as the triangle shaped forms, in order to fill out bra cup sizes adequately, and they do carry some shaping upwards toward the bra straps which helps fill in that flatter area up there that some of us have. I have to admit, I do like these a lot myself.

(*Note: If your favorite bra style in any size has an underwire with a very rounded bottom cup edge, this is the best shape to fit it.  These are meant to be worn upright, but if you have a bra or swimsuit bustline that doesn't work well with that, you can also turn the point toward the underarm area.)

Same postal rules on this one as the Triangle Shape forms, First Class Parcel postage is already included within the U.S., and I no longer ship to other countries.  Your order may take anywhere from two days to a week or maybe a bit more to leave here, depends on how many are ahead of you and how much available time I have to sew.

*NOTE*** Remember, there is a CHECKLIST for you to fill out that will cover size, color, and customization choices!  Look for it near the center top of this webpage highlighted in blue.  Click on it either before or after you've completed your PayPal payment.  I can't start sewing your order until you fill out the Checklist!  Thanks!***


Here's another view of a form from the side.  Because microbeads conform to the shape of what they're in, they will protrude outwards, to fill out a bra cup.  The form is shown in black here so that you can see more clearly the smooth, rounded shape of the form. 


I receive many orders and emails from people referred by others who tried the microbead forms and liked them.  That's lovely, and I so appreciate all the nice things people have apparently said on various breast cancer related blogs over the past 14 years!  THANK YOU ALL!  However, some people buy microbead forms who haven't read any of that, or the rest of this website, so they aren't aware that I'm sewing these as my way to help, and am not making a big profit or running this as a business, just trying to help survivors who don't sew.   That's why I'm adding this explanation right under the microbead forms for sale, and requested right at the top of the page that you read it before buying, for those who may not read anything else in the site. 

Those who sew, already know that buying the materials for the first pair would likely cost them WAY more than I charge for a set of two already sewn, plus I've contributed many hours of labor to sew them.  I enjoy making these for you.  Some can't sew, some simply don't have time while trying to take care of a family and a job, or are too tired while going through chemo. 

I want everyone to be able to experience the comfort of lightweight microbead breast forms even if they can't make them, and I'm happy to help by making these for others, as many pairs as they need, and at the lowest price possible. This is something I CAN do from home for other survivors, and it means a lot to me.

Unfortunately though, maybe once or twice a year, someone purchases with no idea what this site is all about, having read nothing more than the 'Buy Now' button, lol... This is a very, very, very small percentage of people, but still it needs to be addressed to prevent any misunderstandings.  There's always ONE in every crowd, sigh....

These custom-made forms are sewn one pair at a time by just one REAL PERSON who's had bilateral mastectomy with it's ongoing discomfort and wants to help others in the same situation.  They are made ONLY of the BEST materials possible, after much research, NOT factory made or imported, no cheap materials, not generic.  They will last you for many YEARS with proper care, not a few months like foam leisure forms that actually cost more.   They cannot be returned or exchanged like a pair of shoes at Walmart, either.  This is not Walmart, dear hearts, these are made in my little sewing room at the end of my hallway.  :^)

Some women who buy these are still undergoing chemotherapy and have compromised immune systems, so I'd never take back a pair tried on by one person and sell them to another who might be adversely affected by any germs (or smoke, or whatever).  NOT...GONNA...HAPPEN, sorry... so, no returns or exchanges, as I simply can't afford to take returns and then throw the microbead forms away, like a big 'for profit' company with overpriced forms might do. To do that, I'd have to sell these for a higher price.  That's why I have the 'CHECKLIST', to ask questions and make sure you are getting the best possible fit the FIRST time you order.  As long as you can tell me the correct bra size to properly fit yourself, it's usually pretty foolproof.  Answer the questions on the Checklist, and I'll know what to make for you.

This site was created to help people in discomfort, not to profit from the discomfort of others.  Many people can't afford a pair of $800 silicone breast forms, even if they wanted to go through the pain of wearing them.  By doing this the way I do, almost anyone anywhere can afford a nice looking set of comfortable breast forms that will last much longer than most commercial forms, and cause less pain.

To explain the 'money' side, materials cost a lot, but there's also expenses such as postage, packaging, and the internet.  Ouch.  A higher data plan on satellite broadband is an added expense I wouldn't have if not for my doing this website for you.  

I do everything possible to keep expenses down, but I'm unwilling to use cheap materials.  So far, these microbead breast forms are practically indestructible and last for years.  (I'm still occasionally wearing the first ones I made for myself when developing my own pattern, years ago. If I used cheap materials, people would have to replace them more often, but why should they have to?

My point for having this website was to help others who were in my own situation post-mastectomy.  I hope all this explains everything sufficiently, and sorry to have to add so much on this page for you to read.  It's boring, I know, but better to type it out once and it'll save time if even one person clicks here who doesn't know what this site is or how it works.  Thanks for reading, and have a great day! Love and hugs to you all!  :^)